As a total solutions provider, we offer modernized approaches to training development and instruction that cater to a variety of subject-matter, environments, and learning styles.

We deliver quality education through customized courses, tailored instruction, and quality assurance analysis which directly translates to decreased errors/risk, increased efficiency of operations, and overall cost savings for our customers.

Instructional Design and Development

Our modernized approach to instructional design and development caters to a variety of subject-matters, environments, and learning styles. We create our training solutions within a continuous improvement model, cycling through analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. This method emphasizes quality assurance and leads to increased efficiency of operations, decreased risk, and overall cost savings for our customers.


Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

MartinFederal’s Training Development (TD) and Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) teams create virtual simulated environments and web/mobile applications that make learning accessible, comprehensive, cooperative, and relevant. Our IMI products promote a blended learning environment, enhancing instructors’ delivery of and students’ access to and retention of course content – incorporating audio and visual/simulation IMI enhancements increases student engagement and retention of knowledge by supporting diverse and differentiated learning styles.


Instructional Support Services/Training

Our Instructors apply a customized combination of instructional methods and techniques that target the individualized learning styles of students and better facilitate both classroom and distance learning instruction for our customers. We regularly incorporate adaptive learning models, demonstrations, case studies, critical thinking and problem solving practical exercises, and simulations into our instructional support and training services.


Educational Support Services

As a total solutions provider, we help support the delivery of educational initiatives to our customers. We do this not only through the development and delivery of training, but through total program management services that include Learning Management System (LMS) administration, resource scheduling, and IT/Help Desk services. We leverage our IT expertise to provide recommendations for, implement, and support the use of COTS technologies – like Blackboard and SharePoint – to execute training efficiencies, improve user experience, and safeguard mission performance.


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