Our experienced cybersecurity engineers proudly serve customers by delivering cutting-edge solutions and an enhanced understanding of each customer’s most pressing needs.

MartinFederal’s experienced cyber security engineers proudly serve this role for our customers by delivering cutting-edge solutions rooted in continuous security research and an enhanced understanding of each customer’s most pressing needs.

Cyber and Intelligence Systems

Cyber and intelligence systems must continuously evolve to maintain an information advantage in an environment of change. MartinFederal combines deep multi-domain experience, streamlined development processes, and an intimate understanding of our customers’ needs to reliably and rapidly deliver impactful solutions.


ICS/SCADA Assessments

MartinFederal personnel take a tailormade approach to Operational Technology cybersecurity. We go beyond solutions designed for enterprise-level Information Technology. Our team works with various Federal energy infrastructure solution providers to ensure cyber-secure and cyber-resilient Operational Technology. Whether your systems operate in silos as a stand-alone network and systems or in a converged and connected network, MartinFederal is prepared to help engineer an operational and secure system.


Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and Digital Forensics

The code and design of software and hardware systems can hide secrets, vulnerabilities, and capabilities, both malicious and intentional. From advanced persistent threat malware to the most complex software packages and devices, the MartinFederal team can reverse the software engineering process and answer questions about the requirements, design, implementation, and vulnerabilities of target systems and software. In addition to reverse engineering services, our digital forensics experts assist in data recovery and collect digital evidence from cybersecurity events to help assess impact and fully understand the mechanics of any security event. Acquisition, authentication, and analysis of intelligence from digital devices by our team can support a variety of needs from investigations to incident response.


Comprehensive Red Team

MartinFederal’s team of cyber operations specialists, supported by offensive tool development, open-source intelligence, and the emulation of nation-state offensive tactics, uncover vulnerabilities specific to the business domain of client networks and the unique configurations and software that run on them. Using a threat faithful approach, our team thoroughly tests attack surfaces from the vantage point of an advanced malicious group – equipping customers with the intelligence necessary to protect against sophisticated real-world actors.


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