Engineer Spotlight: Rich Wilkerson

February 20, 2024

To celebrate National Engineers Week, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our engineers here at MartinFed! Our first highlight is Rich Wilkerson, a Counter s-UAS Analyst.


We asked Rich a few questions about his career in engineering, challenges he’s faced, and what he likes most about working at MartinFed.


What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?
“My inspiration for pursuing this career is the opportunity to support and protect the Department of Defense (DoD) interest. My ability to improve critical thinking processes supports the DoD and the warfighter due to my experience while in uniform. Innovation allows me to solve issues within my field at a major level and provide input & ideas on ways to achieve mission success.”

What engineering challenge are you most proud to have accomplished in your career?

“The biggest challenge I am most proud overcoming of in my career thus far was leading the C-sUAS program for the Air Force in the Military District of Washington. Due to the formal nature of the environment and airspace, it was a big challenge for approvals and actions to be granted. Implementing the program and activating equipment in the most secure airspaces in our country and while maintaining the mission was a first for the Air Force. I am excited to leverage my experience and lessons learned in support of my new role with the Army and AMC.”

What do you like about being an engineer with MartinFed?
“MartinFed has went above and beyond in supporting its employees and customers. Working at MartinFed is a rewarding opportunity. My ability to utilize experiences and work with a great team has allowed me to make a positive contribution to the company, coupled with professional growth. I am appreciative of MartinFed’s commitment to the customer.”

Thank you Rich, for pursuing excellence everyday!