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MartinFederal provides a full range of laboratory support throughout the United States and the Middle East. Our certified experts have decades of experience with lubricant analysis and are focused on the safety of our nation’s warfighter.

With over 25% of the world’s Laboratory Lubricant Analysis Certified professionals on our team, MartinFederal operates numerous Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) laboratories across the United States and the Middle East. Providing oil analysis for aircraft, ground and marine vehicles, our dedicated team brings reliability, safety, and professionalism to the job every day.

Test Methods

Our AOAP labs use a variety of test methods to determine potential component failures and determine lubricant conditions through the evaluation of used oil samples. Each laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation capable of performing a wide range of diagnostic measurements, which include:

  • Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (AES) ASTM D6395 – detection of wear particles in lubricant
  • LaserNet Fines (LNF) – Particle Counter and Shape Recognition
  • Kinematic viscometer ASTM D445 – measures viscosity of lubricant
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FT‐IR) spectroscopy ASTM D7418 – measures chemical signature of lubricant
  • Fuel Dilution Meter (FDM) – measures lubricant to detect presence of fuel contamination
  • Karl Fischer Moisture Titration ASTM D6304 – measures lubricant to detect presence of water contamination
  • Analytical Ferrography – detect and categorize wear particle greater than 20 microns in size

AOAP uses these lab test methods to analyze the composition of the oil and examine factors such as: Additives and Contaminants, Fuel Dilution, Fuel Soot, Glycol, Nitration, Oxidation, Particle Count, Viscosity, Viscosity Index, and Water.

By proactively detecting problems, oil analysis ENHANCES flight safety, IMPROVES equipment readiness, EXTENDS component life, and REDUCES operating costs and maintenance downtime.

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STLE (Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers): CLS (Certified Lubrication Specialist)

ICML (International Council of Machinery Lubrication) LLA I

ICML (International Council of Machinery Lubrication) LLA II