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What We Are Good At

Advanced Technology Services

As a small socio-economic business, MartinFederal has a track record of performing at the highest levels when it comes to integrating and maintaining multiple facets of an organization through the use of Information Systems, Systems Engineering, Data Management and Technology Integration. Through our certified and knowledgeable consultants, we enable organizations to “scale” to a Centers of Excellence level by supporting and disseminating mission-critical real-time data across the enterprise; both internally and externally.

Our engineering discipline combined with a computer science philosophy is the foundation of our Enterprise Solutions Delivery Framework (ESDF); from Application & Software Development to Help Desk Transformation and Cyber Security, our processes and attention to detail are paramount.

Cloud Computing:

MartinFederal’s FedRAMP Cloud Solutions is not just a rack of hardware or servers – there is VALUE in our Cloud. The scalability and rapid deployment characteristics of our cloud environment can be the perfect solution for many federal and DoD applications. MartinFederal has developed a full range of federally compliant highly flexible enterprise-grade cloud hosting services to meet the federal governments unique challenges and craft the best possible solutions. Our cloud solutions can be configured to be used as:

  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Platform-as-a-Service 

*In 2015, MartinFederal successfully brought its Cloud services to the Department of Education (DoEd) in support of its Help Desk transformation efforts

Agile Centers of Excellence:

MartinFederal develops, integrates and sustains various complex IT programs through-out the federal government using Agile Practices; working closely with its customers to ensure continuous delivery against some of the most stringent requirements. Our Agile practice areas are: 

  • Software Development
  • Systems Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Project Management  

Systems Engineering:

MartinFederal’s Systems Engineering services uses the System-of-Systems concept. We support major acquisitions by designing, developing and improving foundational architectures and delivering disciplined systems engineering throughout the life of each and every project. Our staff includes certified software engineers, system engineers, subject matter experts, research engineers and acquisition specialists. We have participated in the development and sustainment of some of the most complex systems. This includes supporting PEO EIS and NASA. Our systems engineering focus areas are: 

  • Security Engineering
  • Application Integration Support
  • Technology Review Recommendation
  • Technical Requirements Analysis
  • IV&V