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MartinFederal’s SMTC Team Continues to Drive the Pride and Recognition of our Soldiers

July 17th, 2020 • Category: News

MartinFederal is honored to provide training development and interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) support for the Strength Maintenance Training Center (SMTC) for the Army National Guard. Due to the travel ban related to COVID-19, the SMTC instructional team had to adjust their methods used to train new classes that previously occurred onsite at Camp Robinson to a Distance Learning (DL) method. DL allows for Soldiers across the 54 states and territories to continue to receive the training that the SMTC provides despite the travel restrictions. At the end of each class, a graduation ceremony occurs and previously included a live stream available to family, friends, and others to celebrate their Soldier’s achievement. These ceremonies, like the training, had to be modified to fall within the DL requirements. MartinFederal’s IMI team was challenged to develop a new approach for these graduations.

As part of the new approach, the IMI team now produces video segments that highlight the graduating Soldiers and combines them with video of a guest speaker, words from the Chaplin, and live remarks from SGT Young Hall by Major Woodard.  The videos require capturing multiple images of the Soldiers and instructors from each of the virtual classes. The most recent SQI14 class consisted of more than 200 students and 30 instructors. Music, video effects, polishing, and rendering of the final product takes place the week of graduation and is combined with the live event. The completed ceremony is recorded and posted on the SMTC’s YouTube and Facebook pages for Soldiers and ARNG staff to share. The ceremonies take weeks to plan and execute but are important to the pride of these Soldiers. All these actions have ensured that education and training did not stop due to COVID-19 and the SMTC’s mission to improve Soldier readiness had not stopped.

We are proud of the role our team members have played in the success of these classes and graduations, as well as the accomplishments of each of the Soldiers! To view the full graduation videos, visit their Facebook and YouTube pages.