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MartinFederal Awarded Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) Cyber Security Task Order

Huntsville, AL - September 2, 2015 - MartinFederal Consulting, LLC (MartinFederal) was awarded a Cyber Security Task Order inĀ support of Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL). As part of this TO, MartinFederal will be working with and supporting internal and external legal staff to coordinate the development of Privacy Rules, Breach Reporting, and developing Security documentation. In addition, MartinFederal will be supporting the Health Data Science Institute (HDSI) to ensure Cyber training and awareness of HIPAA Privacy rules and security requirements.

About MartinFederal
Since 2006, MartinFederal has provided the U.S. government with customer-focused, performance-based solutions - using technology as an engine to drive our customers' missions. Solutions are leveraged from our core competencies in Enterprise and Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Technology Integration, and Programmatics. Headquartered in Auburn, AL, MartinFederal is one of a very small percentage of certified 8(a)/SDB and SDVOSB's providing high-tech solutions to the federal government in the South-Central/Eastern geographic areas.