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Improving Operations Through Mobile Applications

September 18th, 2012 • Category: Uncategorized

Mobile Improvements 

In this economic climate, our federal customers have been charged to continue operations as normal while experiencing grave decreases within their budgets; this has presented enormous challenges and MartinFederal has answered the call by improving operational efficiencies through its development of secure mobile applications.

For several of its customers, MartinFederal has sought out those mission-critical tasks and focused on improving those tasks and delivery through mobile applications. MartinFederal has been developing mobile applications for its customers for over two years with a positive increase in productivity. Our mobile applications are architectured to operate on iPhones, iPads, Droids, and Tablet PC’s. We have used our expertise in secure mobile application development to streamline training, automate routine tasks, perform continuous monitoring of mission-critical systems, and perform payload, simulation and telemetry analysis for space operations test and evaluation requirements.

Our consultants are experts in:

  • iPad SDK (Software Developer Kit)
  • iPad Simulator
  • Objective C Programming
  • Interface Builder (essential for GUI integration)
  • C++
  • National Instrument Lab Windows/CVI
  • Leap Motion (3D Interaction)

About Us

For over a decade, MartinFederal has provided the U.S. government with customer-focused, performance-based solutions. We use technology and an empowered workforce as an engine to drive our customers’ missions. The company’s core competencies are IT Services, Training and Development, Space and Mission Operations and Laboratory and Technical Support. Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, MartinFederal is one of a very small percentage of 8(a)’s and SDVOSB’s providing high-tech solutions to the Federal Government. We are dedicated to finding the solution to any problem through our experience from logistics to software engineering.

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