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Message from our CEO & President


We are in a new world that increasingly demands secure products and services that have sustainability “built” in them from the start. Dynamic solutions with the agility to integrate with cutting edge technologies where our customers experience benefits that far exceed their expectations is what we as an organization strive to provide.

Where most of our competitors focus on technology solely for the sake of technology, MartinFederal sees the bigger picture in the learning and investing in the latest technologies in order to partner with our customers in delivering their next generation solutions. Establishing Agile Centers of Excellence such as Systems Engineering, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering and Cyber Security are examples of our investment as an organization and our dedication to our customer’s mission.

This is an exciting time to be at MartinFederal, developing and supporting missions that are highly critical to the U.S. National Security; training and developing mobile technologies for a growing defense community; providing subject matter expertise in the support of advanced space communications, and assisting our customers with a renewed commitment to information and knowledge management governance.

As I am excited about our path forward in 2018, I would be remiss if I did not applaud and commend our diverse and talented staff of employees who continue to push the bounds in delivering quality service to our customers. From NASA, the Department of Energy (DoE), and the Missile Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) to PEO EIS and the U.S. Army as a whole, MartinFederal’s employees consistently receive accolades for the quality of their support and out of the box thinking – my hats off to each and every one of you.

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make our company an outstanding provider of timely, quality services and products, and a wonderful place to build a career. MartinFederal is an ever-renewing company, capitalizing on new and expanded opportunities individually and corporately, adjusting rapidly to changes and challenges in the marketplace, and delivering enduring results for our clients.

Corey L. Martin
President & Chief Executive Officer